Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

We would like to know how we can improve our service to you and how you perceive our surgery and staff. 

To help us with this, we have set up a virtual patient representation group so that you can have your say. We will ask the members of this representative group some questions from time to time, such as what you think about our opening times or the quality of the care or service you received. We will contact you via email and keep our surveys succinct so it shouldn’t take too much of your time.

We aim to gather around a hundred patients from as broad a spectrum as possible to get a truly representative sample. We need young people, workers, retirees, people with long term conditions, people with disabilities and people from non-British ethnic groups.

Code of Conduct

  1. The PRG is not a forum for individual complaints.
  2. PRG members will not discuss their own personal health issues, medical condition or treatment in any emails or survey responses.
  3. The PPG is not to be used in pursuit of specific or personal health campaigns for example in connection with access to special treatments.
  4. Confidentiality will be paramount. Email addresses of members of the PRG will not be disclosed to other members, unless their express consent is given. The PRG will not require information about individual patient’s illness, condition or treatment and should not seek it.
  5. Members of the PRG are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration for others
  6. Members of the PRG will not approach the media without the prior approval of the practice.

Join Our PPG

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email please complete the sign-up form below.

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