Information about PATCHS

We are now using an online communication service called PATCHS. Please create a free account as soon as you are able, as we will be going live with this shortly and will be otherwise unable to contact you via SMS text message or E-Mail by the end of the month. By using the service, you are consenting to contact via SMS text message and/or E-Mail. It has been kindly beta tested by our Patient Participation Group.

Contacting us using PATCHS instead of by telephone has several advantages for you, including:

  • No queuing on the telephone
  • Ability to submit requests any time day or night, although we can only respond during our opening hours and we are currently limiting the number of requests while we all get used to this new system
  • You can request things like sick notes and letters, ask us to check results, etc. although you must not use it for emergencies
  • You can submit requests on behalf of someone you care for, even if you yourself are not registered at the surgery as a patient
  • Soon, you will be able to submit clinical requests for appointments or advice

Using PATCHS also has advantages for us including:

  • Freeing up the telephone for people that cannot use PATCHS such as those with emergency problems or if they cannot use the internet
  • It allows us to communicate with you via SMS text message and E-Mail, sending messages, invitations for review or vaccinations and questionnaires
  • It has video consultation functionality which we are hoping to use in the future to give you more choice about how you consult with a clinician
  • Helps us reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus to other patients and our staff

Contact us online

There is now a new way to contact us online called PATCHS.