Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

Why your receptionists need to ask what symptoms you have, and why they may refer you to the pharmacist.

 Why your reception teams are asking; ‘what symptoms are you experiencing?’

These questions ensure you are directed to:

  1. The most appropriate medical care
  2. The best experienced medical professional
  3. Have the appropriate time to discuss your symptoms.

 Why are receptionists asking for this information?

  1. To help doctors prioritise care
  2. To ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care.
  3. To direct patients to see a health care professional with the most appropriate knowledge, experience and training to treat your condition.

 Reception staff along with anyone working with the practice are bound by confidentiality rules. any information given by you is treated in the strictest of confidence.  Pharmacists are highly experienced, with five years training and spend a high percentage of their time helping patients with symptoms such as yours.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service