Non-NHS Services

The doctors are happy to carry out medical examinations for insurance and other purposes; they will also fill out certain forms, the doctors are unable to complete passport applications.

The NHS does not cover these services so a charge will be made; see list below.

Please be aware that a full medical may be required as assessment before some forms can be completed.

The need for a medical will be at the doctors discretion and the cost altered to reflect the change in requirements; you will be notified if this is necessary.

Please note – we require up to 5 working days for completion of forms. Payment for all forms/medicals must be made in advance.

Private Certificates/Sick Note£20
Letters for School /College£20
Gym Letters£20 – £40 (Clinican discrection)
Housing Letters£40
To whom it may concern letter£20
NOW Cards£15
Private Prescriptions£15
Private Prescription for Malaria tablets per patient aged 16 and over£5
Telewest / Broadband fault£15
Occupational Health£60
Fitness To Travel£20
Holiday cancellation£40
Medical cost Insurance Form (Bupa etc)£45
Private insurance forms, accident and sickness claims£45
Sporting forms (parachute jumps etc)£40 – £100 (medical)
Medical – HGV – Taxi – Other£100
Full Medical£120
Private Medical Report requested by employer£85
Lasting Power of Attorney COP3 Form£150 at the surgery
£100 on a home visit
Capacity Assessment medical£100 – £120